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There are many benefits and potential savings when using the DamVent “All in 1” concept, such as:

  • Initial investment costs - when compared to conventional HVAC equipment, it reduces the
    investment costs by removing the need for - radiators/fan coils/cassettes, boilers, chillers/
    VRF systems, pipes, insulations, pumps, fittings and more.


  • Installation costs and labor.

  • Installed electric power - the necessary installed power for a HVAC shystem can be reduced
    up to 30%.


  • Energy and exploitation costs - providing COP / EERnet = 5 to 15 , ensures the lowest possible
    energy costs for HVAC (EUR/kWh).


  • Service and Maintenance costs - Filters are the only components that need to be checked,
    cleaned and replaced.


  • Time - it saves time during designing, installation, start-up and commissioning, service, etc...

  • Space - whether it is mounted indoor or outdoor, the absence of additional pipes takes up
    less space and provides a “clean roof” look for buildings.


  • Building Management System (BMS) - significantly reduces the costs of a BMS system with
    regard to its HVAC part.

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We have a strong network which was built during 25 years experience working with air treatment solutions.  We build long-term business relationships by offering efficient, sustainable concepts and quality products.   

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