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Creating a Comfortable Indoor Climate through Energy Efficient Ventilation

Having fresh, clean air within any environment is necessary for human health. 

If there is little air movement within a room, dust, dander and dampness will linger. 

This is not an ideal situation and can cause sickness and allergies. 

Signs of poor ventiltaion can include mold; a musty smell in rooms; headaches;

drowsiness; dry, painful, or tearing eyes; shortness of breath; and/or frequent sneezing.

Procedent's PRO-HR fresh air solutions ensure that the polluted air exits the building through exhaust ventilation and is replaced with clean, fresh air

from outside.  The PRO-HR units have a built in heat exchanger that warms

the outside air before entering the room.  The energy / heat already present inside the building is also re-used by the unit which further increases energy savings.  The high efficiency achieved by the PRO-HR units makes it a good investment, both in terms of economy and sustainability.

Not every air treatment request will need a complete AHU as a solution. 

Therefore, we offer the following fresh air solutions which will fit in small areas

(such as ceiling spaces, bathrooms, classrooms, single rooms, etc.):

indoor air quality
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