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When properly selected and used correctly, stainless steel furniture can positively impact the performance of a cleanroom.  

Step-over benches and transfer hatches encourage good practices, while cleanroom tables and benches can improve users' comfort and productivity.


When considering what grade of steel to use, low particle retention, cleaning ease, and resistance to chemicals are important factors to consider.  Let us further explore some options:

Grade 304 stainless steel

Grade 304 stainless steel furniture provides excellent resistance to corrosion and to

most acids and alkalis commonly present in cleaning products.  Grade 304 withstands

the harshest cleaning methods and/or solutions at high pressures and temperatures

(up to 870°C and chloride up to 200mg/L), making it suitable for most ISO cleanrooms.

Grade 316 stainless steel

Grade 316 cleanroom furniture is suitable for more extreme conditions.  Grade 316 contains

more nickel and molybdenum, which provides extra resistance to corrosion.  Grade 316

withstands ultra-rigorous cleaning routines (such as chloride contents up to 500 mg/L),

which is why it is the preferred grade for GMP (good manufacturing practice) facilities.  

Please see a representation of available cleanroon furniture below. 


For more information, please contact us directly.

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