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Prins Philip Hospital

Llanelli, Wales, UK

Project Scope:

Design, delivery and installation of the air treatment solution for a modular building incorporating 2 high quality operation theatres and an additional general use room. This design included additional steam humidifiers and UDF air plenums.

Project Data:

Duration - 2 months

Overview of deliveries and installations:

1 x Max e2 – 15 HTM_03 with V Max 13.200 m3/h

1 x Max e2 – 15 for reserve 20 % at 2.640 m3/h

1 x Max e2 – 15 for net air volume = NET V Max 10.560 m3/h

2 x UDF plenums, 16,000 m3/h

3 x Steam humidifiers


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